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How To Use This Community Site

Visitors can browse this and other MIKODE.NET community sites freely.

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For those wanting to publish on this site and make use of all the utilities within Mikode a $5 per month subscription to the Mikode Membership is required.

Note: There is a 7 day free trial and that all profits from subscription fees are paid back to randomly selected members monthly, via the Mikode Rewards Program. You can view the Rewards Results Page .


What's Happening In New York
The Latest News Updates for Our Local Community
When members post to their profile wall, form a group or forum, or post to any local community site, the activity is recorded on the Mikode Main site's activity stream.
Other members can comment like and share, from inside the activity stream.

This enables communications between all local communities and gives added exposure to individual local community sites.

For those who want to keep their interactions private, they have the option to do so.
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