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I’m a Taxi Driver

by pauli

I’m a taxi driver in New York – born and bred and I know New York City like the back of my hand.

Unlike most taxi drivers in New York City who come from Bangladesh or the Soviet Union or Ethiopia or even Suffolk County.

Well I guess the foreign drivers make for interesting conversations [if they speak English] about the countries from which they hail but if you really want the inside info on New York then a local driver is what you want to hail.

A lot of taxi drivers complain about the advent of Uber and the population of yellow cabs, making earning a living from driving cabs very hard.

I don’t find it so – guess the many years of experience have wizened me to the advantages + the pitfalls of this industry. I have no complaints.

Well perhaps I’m not so keen when we have heavy snow on the city streets.

To give you an idea of taxi prices in New York: A city centre trip to JFK is +/-$80 with tip.

However I am thinking of retirement, so for anyone who is interested I do have a taxi medallion for sale.

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